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yes this is usually the Fan element 
We can fix this for you
you may have a blockage or your drain pump may be faulty
if your heatwash element has failed your clothes won’t wash properly
We can replace this for you

 yes we are trained on all brands

make sure your using rinse aid and you clean your dishwasher once a month
If you do these then you may need a new heater
if your dryer still makes a motor noise then you may need a new drive belt
give us a call or an email and we will give you a time slot that fits your day
this is caused by ice build up near the fan
Check your Door seal is not damaged and letting heat in 
Also don’t overload your Freezer as both these can cause ice build up 
We can diagnose this for you and provide a solution
Yes we do repairs on weekends
Yes we can accommodate early appointments
Sometimes things get caught in the pump or sump we can help with this
yes we often arrive the same day and we can do late appointments
yes you can pay by cash or card
Yes we do just ask when you call or message us
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